10 Steps to Becoming a Highly Effective Public Speaker

This Self-Help book was created to provide key tools to those individuals who have a desire to learn how to speak publicly or in front of a crowd and lack the experience, knowledge and or the confidence.

10 Steps will give you the basic tools to be able to take that first step at speaking in front of people.  The Do's and Dont's of public speaking and everything in between.

The Power of Why: Why 28 Women Created an Online Course and Why You Should Too

If you are a coach, consultant, or a counselor, you must have experienced the ceiling to how many hours you can work and the number of people you can help with your expertise on a one-on-one basis. Now, technology gives you the power to help more people without overwhelming yourself with long hours of work. If you are ready to scale your coaching, consulting, or counseling business to the next level, then you are in the right place.

With this book, 28 women from across the world have come together to share their journeys and their stories as course creators. They share their honest insights into these journeys which unfolded to create their own online courses. These are real women running real businesses, and they are sharing their 'Why' with you so that you can find yours, too.

If you are a few steps behind this in creating your own online course, this book will inspire you to action as you will see how creating an online course can help you change the way you do business. It will also inspire you to achieve more in less time, using tried and tested strategies and ultimately allowing more time for family and friends.

Told from a feminine perspective with a mix of storytelling, quotes, and anecdotes, this book will encourage you to ask yourself why you should create your own online course.

Powerful Affirmations for FemPreneurs

Powerful Affirmations for the FemPreneur is the success tool for kingdom business women. We know that the key to success is our faith and prayer life. This book will serve as the pocket sized pick me up that all female entrepreneurs can use to get motivated, get focused and get their mindset adjusted for the overflow!! Each author contributed seven days of affirmations to empower us throughout the week!! This book was compiled with the FEMale entrePRENEUR in mind. Filled with inspirational prayers and powerful affirmations written by women of faith, this book is sure to motivate and propel its readers to new heights in business.

Trusting Someone Else's Heart

This book is about knowing yourself, being okay with falling down and making mistakes, because the other side is sweeter. Picking the wrong person, allowing others to decide who you are is never a good recipe. Join me on my personal journey and how I came full circle.

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